Thursday, November 12, 2009

Summer Weather in November

Cagayan de Oro weather in November is unbelievably hot. Which is why this Oreo banana split from Ice Castle is the perfect treat for you if just want something cold and sweet during hot, lazy afternoons.

Yep, it's only about 40 days to go before Christmas, but it's just hard to imagine chilly breezes during the Christmas season when you're living in this region of the country. Of course we are thankful that there are no storms or typhoons ravaging Mindanao, but Christmas season is supposed to be colder, right? This is the time of year when I'd gladly trade in my tanktops and tees for sweaters, tunics, and even a pair of really comfy sneakers. But I'm still wearing tees and dreaming of summer dresses in November. It's not difficult to evoke images of beach hammocks and frozen margaritas rather than mistletoes and Christmas trees when you wake up to the hot sun streaming through your window each morning.

Back to the deliciously sinful Oreo banana split. I last had this with my best friends after dinner, when we were craving for something sinfully sweet. If I remember correctly this split had vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, and was generously topped with nuts and fudge brownie bits. Of course the banana was ripe and sweet and the Oreo cookies even more so. We sure weren't thinking of calories as we gorged on this beauty. Smartly, we decided to share just one serving, after having a full dinner. After all, a delicious desert is always best shared with your best girls.

Ice Castle is a small ice cream shop in my beloved Cagayan de Oro, where you'll find a delectable array of sundaes, ice cream scoops, milkshakes, and other creamy treats. They also serve the quintessential Filipino dessert, halo-halo, as well as a few lunch meals and hot noodles.

So if ever you find yourself in our lovely city in the middle of November and the sweltry weather is getting to you, you can always treat yourself to something cold and creamy at Ice Castle.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cafe Macumba's Strawberry Margarita

If you're on the lookout for anything girly, fancy, and thirst-quenching, you gotta try out this Frozen strawberry margarita at Cafe Macumba, Cagayan de Oro. I've listed a few reasons why I actually love a strawberry margarita and you can find it here. This pitcher of frozen margarita is great when you're out with your lovely girlfriends on a Friday or Saturday night. Pair it with a platter of tacos or quesadillas or check out their menu and find a wider array of mouth-watering appetizers. When I'm out with my girlies, or even with family, we never fail to treat ourselves to a pitcher or two. Cafe Macumba has a cozy ambiance too, so whether you are dining indoors or at their terrace al fresco, it's fairly easy to blend in and have a great time.

Waffles and Bailey's Cake at Bo's

I celebrated my birthday by greeting the sunrise and hearing the early morning mass at the Xavier University chapel. This is actually a first for me, given that I usually spend my birthday with the family over dinner and/or dessert or cocktails with a few girlfriends.

Today however, a girlfriend and I celebrated my birthday breakfast at Bo's Coffee Club, over heaping plates of waffles, bacon, and eggs, unlimited cups of coffee, and of course the divine Bailey's Cream cake for dessert. Shakie suggested it first, and when I realized that I've always planned on seeing the sun rise on the morning of my birthday, I agreed to the birthday breakfast. And as I nibbled on the soft waffles, fragrant eggs, and crispy bacon strips, I instantly knew I made the right decision. :)

So if you'll be celebrating your birthday anytime soon, why not start the day with a hearty breakfast and delicious brewed coffee? And with the mouthwatering mini cakes available at Bo's Cagayan de Oro- from Tiramisu to Oreo cheesecakes - you'll always have something for your birthday candle and some early morning birthday wish!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Bit of History

I was born, raised, and educated in Cagayan de Oro, a well-located city in the northern part of Mindanao. There are so many things I love about this city, and even though I have lived in another city for about 3 years due to work, I always end up missing everything that's Kagay-anon. Cagayan de Oro is also known as Kagay-an and the people who are originally from the city are affectionatetly referred to as Kagay-anons.

In my childhood, I've always dreamed of leaving my home city, but now that I'm all grown up and able to pack my bags and settle somewhere else, the pull of the city always takes over. I don't know why, but I think I might stay for a bit, before exploring other worlds.

What I like best here is that everything is strategically and conveniently located. Head downtown and you'll find Divisoria, Xavier University, and a range of restaurants, cafes, bookstores, convenience stores, and cozy pension houses. Limketkai Mall and Robinson's Place are just a few minutes away and if you are looking for a place to unwind, there's Rosario Arcade where you'll find a selection of chic eateries, bars, and coffee shops. A few minutes further, you'll find SM easily located near recently-developed first-class residential areas. Cagayan de Oro is one of the most progressive cities in the country no doubt, but you can still see the rural beauty of the city: the expansive Cagayan de Oro river, lush trees, historical caves and water falls, adventure parks, and smiling people.

Cagayan de Oro may be well known for white water rafting, river trekking, the weekly night market downtown, and its friendly residents, but my city is actually more than that. The city of golden friendship is also home to some of the best restaurants and best dishes all over the country. We have the best barbecue, pancit canton, baby back ribs, and the best lechon and chicharon in all of Mindanao! When you're here, you simply have no reason to be hungry.

So there. Hope you enjoy this site! After all, it's all about food, places, and everything Kagay-anon and Mindanaoan! :)